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    1. Will it blend: Ipad 2 Blend

      Ipad 2 Blend

      Don't Try This At Home
      Tom Blends an iPad 2
      Will it blend: Light Bulbs

      Light Bulbs

      Don't Try This At Home
      Hey, I've got a great idea! Let's watch some light bulbs...
      Will it blend: Chicken Soup

      Chicken Soup

      Try This At Home
      So you want to know if the Total Blender an be used for...
      Will it blend: YouTube Live

      YouTube Live

      Don't Try This At Home
      Will It Blend is going on the road! See Tom Dickson live,...
      Will it blend: 2 Dancing Princesses

      2 Dancing Princesses

      Don't Try This At Home
      We take 2 of the 12 Dancing Princesses for a spin in the...
      Will it blend: Money Clip

      Money Clip

      Don't Try This At Home
      Tom saw someone on TV trying to blend this money clip and...